A Web-App with Survey Monkey Data Wrangler - PHP-Slim-Framework on the Server - React Frontend

This little App provides access to the multilingual capacities of berlin based welfare institutions.

The app consists of four parts:

  1. a MySQL database which hosts the data and make it easily queryable.
  2. some data wrangling scripts which restructure the oddly organized survey data
  3. a Slim based Backend on the server-side
  4. a React frontend for the browser

Slim is a good choice to setup the server-side of a REST-based app. Here Slim takes requests, queries the database and answering in JSON. 
Equipped with the composer package guzzlehttp/guzzle it also queries the Survey-Monkey-Api once a day and transfers the entries into its database.

More on Slim-Framework

The React frontend receives data from the Slim-App and provides some (multidimensional) filters for better accessing it.

I made this app for