A Web-App with Survey Monkey Data Wrangler - PHP-Slim-Framework on the Server - React Frontend

This little App provides access to the multilingual capacities of berlin based welfare institutions.

The app consists of four parts:

  1. a MySQL database which hosts the data and make it easily queryable.
  2. some data wrangling scripts which restructure the oddly organized survey data
  3. a Slim based Backend on the server-side
  4. a React frontend for the browser

Slim is a good choice to setup the server-side of a REST-based app. Here Slim takes requests, queries the database and answering in JSON. 
Equipped with the composer package guzzlehttp/guzzle it also queries the Survey-Monkey-Api once a day and transfers the entries into its database.

More on Slim-Framework

The React frontend receives data from the Slim-App and provides some (multidimensional) filters for better accessing it.

I made this app for transver-berlin.de and it has already been published on their website. At the moment it is offline, since they are waiting for the confirmation of some dubious institution.
Anyway for my part its ok to present a link to the unconfirmed beta version.