A multipage static site made with preact

with routing following indexing rules and anchor deep links

A screenshot of a website
A screenshot of the website showing the SVG-Hamburger menu

When Single Page Applications (SPA) want to mimic some basic features of a website, like:

  • using robots.txt or meta-tags to hide some pages from indexing
  • do some basic SEO with meta-tags
  • URL-addressing a certain part inside a webpage via an anchor link

this adds an extra level of complexity and is seldom done good.
In preact all these things can be managed with almost no extra configuration.
So preact can also be used as a Static-Site-Generator (not in terms of SSR, site still needs JavaScript enabled).

I also did the design part for it.
One thing to emphasize is the rather experimental menu.
Its is done in completely SVG and acts as a Hamburger-Menu.
Given a fixed design space inside of SVG animation is much simple. Also we don’t have to care about line-breaks anymore.
And look – its also full internationalized.

The project is not yet finished but here you can get a sneak-preview