artistic map showing europe with some markers

Interactive Maps

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In 2020 I was working with leaflet maps for a EU-research project called It was about showing some 100-200 contributions on interactive maps.

The frontend allows to do some simple text-search on markers content and also interact with markers and text-based presentations in a bilateral way.

Since the whole site runs on wordPress and the contributions are custom post-type items, I build a gutenberg block allowing to manage the various interactive maps on certain places on the site.

manage map content and display in gutenberg
Manage content and design of maps via gutenberg editor
screenshot of editing a map in gutenberg
change leaflet theme via gutenberg editor

Tech in use
leaflet on the frontend. gutenberg, react, redux in the backend

Some background
The gutenberg block makes use of data provide by WP-REST-API endpoints. By the time of 2020 this was not straigthforward, since wordpress redux stores were kind of weird. Some documentation is found here:

Here is some more documentation about this project.

Some reminders allows us to build sophisticated interactive maps.

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