larslo is a web developing studio sitting in berlin – germany.

we build websites and applications since 2009.

recently we were mostly working on taming the gutenberg-beast and the neighboring methodologies.

we are not graphical designers, but web-designers. that means: our preferred way of working is to get some guidelines (e.g. in form of a pdf or an existing website) and then translate it into the browsers.

even if we have an up-to-date solution for content-management at hand, we also like data-driven approaches, where not humans produce them, but the contents come from external resources and are gathered into an application.

some of our preferred technologies include:

when we say we – most of the time – that means me – larslo. We sounds better than me. Apologies for this little trickery.

this website is a mélange of demonstrating my new wordPress-System and some self promoting content. It contains personal opinions.

Contact: lars[ät]

larslo on github