A Web-App with Survey Monkey Data Wrangler - PHP-Slim-Framework on the Server - React Frontend

This app provides access to the multilingual capacities of berlin based welfare institutions.

Slim is a good choice to setup the server-side of a REST-based app. For a project I combined it with React in form a management interface and a public frontend you can see here.

The app consists of four parts:

Screenshot of code: guzzle requests SurveyMonkeys
guzzle requests SurveyMonkeys

1. Equipped with the composer package guzzlehttp/guzzle the slim server app queries the Survey-Monkey-Api. It saves the responses and compares the new data with existing entries. If there are changes, errors or new entries it sends an e-mail notice to remind the person in charge to review changes.

diff in 2 versions

2. A management interface which allows to review the existing entries, re-import new or updated entries from SurveyMonkey, show differences between two last versions or decide to show or hide them on the website. This is interface is build with react.

you can see in action on transver-berlin.de

3. A part of the slim app provide REST-routes for searching and filtering the data. These endpoints are use on the public visible app.

redux in Action
filtering aka state management in redux

4. A react app integrated for searching and filtering the data. The app is integrated into a wordpress website and makes use of redux.